New Video: Lady Lazarus – Goudunov

I was pleasantly surprised last week when Melissa asked me to produce another music video for her music project, Lady Lazarus. I’ve been busy moving and job hunting, so I wasnt sure I would be able to find the time to dedicate my full attention to making a video, but after a short period of consideration I decided I could hash it out quickly if I found the right footage. The resulting video is a mashup of commercials from two different eras of marketing: a Jam Handy produced video meant to motivate Westinghouse A/C dealers to move as much product as possible, and Joanna Rohrback’s viral video for Prancercise. The relationship between the two feeds of video and how they interact with the progression of the music may bring about thoughts of what has changed in advertising paradigms in North America, as well as how idealized images of ‘self’ are presented to the consumer through different channels (corporate marketing schemes vs. user-end venues like Youtube).

The final edit of the video can be found at the link below

New Monthly Video Party : Viral Fantasy

Last month I was fortunate to put on the first installment of a new monthly video party that CB is starting in Dallas.


A monthly event in Dallas, hosted by Two Bronze Doors, an exciting new Dallas DIY venue located conveniently off of Lower Greenville.
Viral Fantasy is a local and DIY party that explores concepts in new media, internet-as-television, and cloud-aggregated culture, curated and organized by Count Backwards. The party is tentatively incorporated into a two-part event: a themed selection of video content, presented as a playlist projected (Party Wallpaper) for open viewing, accompanied by a live performance component.

Utilizing social video sharing platforms as a means of crowd-sourcing (and open sourcing) media curation, the playlists featured are often compiled on youtube and vimeo. This practice references alternative programming techniques employed by new media entities like Network Awesome, making the content easily accessible online, but that content displayed on the playlist may eventually go offline.
While the the playlist component is a practice in media aggregation exercised by Count Backwards, the live performance aspect gives a more sustained look into what other artists across the country (and across the web) are contributing to the media landscape. Performances at Viral Fantasy are also primarily conducted over the internet, removing the limitations of an artist’s geographic location as well as exploring the efficacy of art exhibited on the virtual plane. Drawing from pioneers in this aspect, with influences like Mike Txtbk’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGVAG3 (Church of Broken Language), Jónó Mí Ló’s HD Ghettos, and various Aural Sects online showcases, live performances for Viral Fantasy will bring new works in an exciting and rapidly developing format.

Viral Fantasy usually takes place on the last saturday of the month at Two Bronze Doors

5732 Richmond Ave
Dallas Tx

All shows are all ages

To submit video content to be considered for upcoming Viral Fantasy playlists, as well as booking inquiries, please contact


Video playlists are posted on fb and youtube the day after the event. To watch the video playlist from Viral Fantasy I, follow the link:

Viral Fantasy I video playlist

Two Bronze Doors online

CB Summer Concert Series 2013 – beginning June 12

CB Summer Series 2013 Flyer
design credit: I AM WATER



sneak peeks, video samplers and full sets from some of the best shows in and around North Texas this Spring season. Starting June 12, new shows will be posted weekly to the CB youtube page (and reblogged here). Many of these are underground or house shows, spanning from Denton to Austin. Documentary style coverage of independent and emerging bands as well as a couple of well known favorites.

Come see what I have been doing for the first half of the year!

– Announcements posted on Mondays –

– New shows posted on Wednesdays –

Flyer Design by I AM WATER

Upcoming performance May 25 2013 at The Black Lodge Dallas

Upcoming performance May 25 2013 at The Black Lodge Dallas

I will be contributing a piece of peformance art to this show at the Black Lodge, Dallas. Other contributions from Pierre Bürger, Darius Goodson, Hannah Weir, and Evita Cortez will be shown as well.

I havent decided if I will be presenting as my developing noise project, Half Asexual, or just as William Sarradet. Either way, its going to be weird. Please RSVP to the facebook event linked through the flyer!

Lady Lazarus – Gleam (video premiere on Paste Magazine)—gleam.html

New video for Lady Lazarus single “Gleam”, from her new album All My Love in Half Light. The video is a composite of Spirited Away and a driving sequence shot by my brother and myself on one of the very few white Christmases that north Texas has had.